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About Us
Gamers Asylum / Game Vault


In mid 2010, a pair of Game Crazy employees were losing their jobs, as Hollywood Video / Game Crazy was closing all their stores nationwide. The pair, unhappy with their predicament, and not wanting to buy their games from "other" stores, decided to open a new game store in Ogden. They wanted to carry a wider variety of video games and video game related items than the big box stores. Thus Game Vault was born, September 1st, 2010. Their original location was small, and tucked away by Weber State University. They immediately had great customers who followed them from Game Crazy, as well new customers who loved having a true game store in town.

After about a year and a half of growing the business, a friend of their's came to them with a simple proposition: The Bookshelf, an Ogden staple, was closing it's doors. What if he bought their comics, opened a comic book and gaming store, and Game Vault sublet some of the space? The idea sounded great! Who wouldn't want an ultimate gaming store with comics, board games, miniatures, and video games? Thus Gamer's Asylum was born, and opened it's doors on New Years Day, 2012. In downtown Ogden now, both stores were able to grow. After another couple years of success, the owners of both businesses, decided that they should merge and take advantage of their situation to make an even better game shop for themselves and their clientele. This has provided them with better opportunities to get product and share in each other's great customers.

In September of 2015, this group of gamers decided that they had more love of gaming to share, and decided that one store was simply not enough. They opened a second location, farther north, in Brigham. Sadly, after three years of business, the second store was unsustainable, and was closed December 2018.

Thankfully, business in Ogden stayed strong. Through the pandemic in 2020 we were able to grow unexpectedly, as people were stuck at home and hobbies became very important. On May 1st of 2021 we were able to move our store into a new location on 36th street, which has been just an amazing experience. We are bigger & better than ever!

The future looks great! We hope to provide every customer with a positive experience, whether it be playing a card game, finding a retro video game, picking up a comic hold, purchasing a board game, or playing an RPG or miniature game in the play area! Thanks to all of you customers who have helped grow this little dream in to a gaming store we all hope you know and love.

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